Your Stroke Disability Claim

If you have become disabled and unable to work because of a stroke, you can file a stroke disability claim for benefits from your disability insurance company.  There are two basic kinds of disability claims – a long term disability claim and a short term disability claim.  A long term claim should only be filed if you have a disability so severe that you will not be able to perform the work that you were prior to the disability for years, if ever again.  A short term disability claim is not necessarily made for minor disabilities, rather for disabilities that will take you out of work for only a short amount of time.  These can include maternity leave, minor surgery, etc.  Before you file an insurance claim for disability benefits, determine which type of claim you should file.  For the insurance company, though, these two types of claims mean completely different things. 

When a disability insurance company agrees to insure you in the case of a disability, they are taking on a liability that if you ever were to get injured, they are required to pay benefits.  They take a risk, assuming that not everyone they insure will become disabled.  That being said, insurance companies will often do everything they can to make sure they do not have to pay out too many of these liabilities by denying as many disability claims as possible.  In fact, all the insurance company sees when they receive a long term disability claim is a liability that lasts for a longer period of time than a short-term disability claim.  With that being known, take into account that an insurance company might look over a long term claim a little bit more in depth than a short term insurance claim.  Be sure that you are filing the correct type of claim for your disability.

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