Long Term Disability Claim Denial

If someone were to ask you whether you would drop your long term disability claim while you were in the process of applying, you would obviously say no.  Why would you drop an insurance claim that represents income that you lost due to a disability?  It would be unfair to yourself to not ask the insurance company for the benefits that they promised if you ever had a disability.  You want to go through the entire process and do everything you can to receive the benefits that you need.  After going through the process, though, what if you find that you have a denied disability claim?  Would you still feel the same way about doing everything you can to receive benefits?  Many people, after hearing news of denied disability claim, drop their claim altogether.  This seems more outrageous than if you were to drop your claim before even filing.  At this point in the process, after investing a lot of time and effort, what sense does it make to drop your long term disability claim?

If you drop your claim after the insurance company denies it, you are playing into the hands of the insurance company.  While it is not right, the insurance company might deny your claim simply to see if you are serious about receiving benefits.  After telling you of you denied disability claim, the insurance company expects that a large percentage of claimants will drop their long term disability claim, meaning that the insurance company will not have to pay those benefits.  On the other hand, the only thing dropping your claim does for you is put you back in the same spot that you were before filing, except now you have fewer resources than before you filed.  Do not rashly drop your long term disability claim simply because the insurance company denied it once.

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