Hiring a Disability Claim Consultant

If you have heard of a disability claim consultant, you are probably aware of the amount of help that one can help if you are in the process of filing a long term disability claim.  If you are not familiar, a disability claims consultant is an expert in the modern-day, rocky landscape of disability insurance who is able to help you throughout the claims process of your long term disability claim, from filing the claims papers to receiving payment on your claim.  At first, it may seem illogical to pay a disability claims consultant to help with your claim.  After all, can you not simply just file your own claim?  While you are able to fill out the claims forms, and in a rare case, you may even be able to receive benefits on your long term disability claim, hiring a disability claims consultant takes a huge amount of stress off of your shoulders as well as making it a lot more likely that you will receive your benefits in a more timely manner.

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If you were to file a long term disability claim and have it denied, the cost of losing the income that you were receiving before the disability impaired your ability to work would vastly outweigh the cost of simply hiring a disability claims consultant.  It is hard to put words around the relief that comes along with having your long term disability claim paid in a timely manner.  Not only do you know that you will be able to receive about the same amount of income that you were receiving prior to the disability, but also you are able to ensure that your family will be set for a long period of time.  A huge amount of stress can be relieved by simply hiring a disability claims advocate to help with your long term disability claim.

Private Disability Insurance Benefits

If you filed a disability claim for benefits on your private individual disability insurance plan and your claim was denied, do not drop the claim there and accept the fact that the insurance company did not give you benefits.  If you filed a legitimate insurance claim, the insurance company has no right to send you back a denied disability claim.  Having an insurance claim is frustrating without a doubt.  That being said, you most definitely still have options even after learning of your denied disability claim.  It may be hard to think ahead after receiving the bad news, but insurance companies that entered into a contract with you to pay your claims if necessary need to be held accountable.  Dropping your disability claim at this point in the process would be pointless.  Why invest all of the time and energy that you have to simply drop the claim and let the insurance company get exactly what they want?disability claim consultant

Instead of caving in to the pressures of the insurance company after they send back a denied disability claim, let it drive you to make sure that the insurance company is held responsible for paying your disability claim.  It is not fair for the insurance company to deny your claim, as they insisted that if you were ever impaired by a disability they would give you benefits to help ease the loss of income, at least.  With a denied claim, it leaves you with nothing except for wasted time and money on a disability claim to the insurance company.  Appeal the claim to attempt to earn the benefits that you deserve.  If you have an authentic disability claim, the insurance company will have to eventually pay some benefits to you, as they are required by law to hold their end of the contract.

Receiving All of Your Disability Benefits

If you are filing a disability claim for benefits on your disability insurance plan, it is almost impossible to receive the full amount of benefits that you deserve without receiving disability claim assistance.  One of the easiest and safest ways to receive this disability claim assistance is to hire a disability claim consultant to aide you in filing your claim and earning benefits on that claim.  With the amount of information available on today’s modern day insurance landscape, it is easy for your claim to get lost in the cracks of an insurance company, and you not know where to turn to for help.  A disability claim consultant is a foolproof fix to this dilemma, as this expert will most definitely be able to give you applicable and good disability claim assistance.  Not only will a disability claim consultant be able to provide disability claim assistance, but also will be able to help fill out the claims forms necessary to simply file a claim.disability claim consultant

It may seem hard to believe that simply hiring a disability claim consultant will make your claim move through the process that much more easily than not hiring a disability claim consultant.  It would be obvious to you how helpful the proper disability claim assistance is if you were to hire a disability claim consultant to help with your claim.  Having an expert on your side to help decipher what the insurance company is trying to do is a priceless asset to have when the insurance company has their own team of experts looking at your claim and discussing how they could deny the claim.  A common tactic of an insurance company is to use confusing language in their paperwork to confuse you, causing you to give them the wrong information, allowing them to deny your claim.  A disability claim consultant would make sure that this, or any other deplorable tactic employed by the insurance company would never happen.

Get Your Disability Benefits

The impacts of a long term disability claim go well beyond what a normal person would think.  The benefits from the claim do not simply replace the claimant’s previous income, or at least a part of it.  What the benefits really do is provide the claimant and his or her family with a sense of security that was lost when he or she became disabled.  On top of that, it allows the claimant to worry about the things that really matter in life, mostly how to deal with the disability that is impairing their ability to work.  If you or someone that you know has ever had to file a long term disability claim, you understand the hard work and turmoil that goes into the filing process and then the claim processing procedure.  Today, there is a terrible trend of a claimant who filed a legitimate claim receiving a letter stating that he or she has had his or her disability claim denied.

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It is tragic to see someone who not only is dealing with a disability but has also poured their heart out to an insurance company, almost begging for benefits for their disability, be let down by the company who denies their claim with no apparent explanation.  The claimant followed all of the instructions, filled out all of the correct forms, and got all of his or her information to the insurance company in time.  Despite all of this, the insurance company tells the claimant that, due to some subtle inconsistency with their claim, they have had their disability claim denied.  It is not right nor is it fair for the insurance companies to essentially mistreat their customers by denying their CIGNA disability claim simply because the company does not want to pay the benefits.  Make sure that you are persistent in your claim, and insist that the insurance company pays you the benefits that you need and deserve on your long term disability claim.

Assistance in Filing a Disability Claim

It is hard to quantify the help that disability claim consultants can provide you throughout the claims process if you have recently filed, or are even thinking of filing a disability claim.  Claim consultants know exactly how the claims process is going to work, and are aware of the tactics that insurance companies employ to attack your claim.  If you have never dealt with disability insurance, it will be shocking to you how many resources the insurance company devotes to every single disability claim.  It seems as if the insurance company could simply look over the claim to see if it was legitimate, and in the case that it is, simply pay the claim.  What the insurance company really does, though, is pick apart the claim whether or not they believe it is legitimate.  Understandably, he claims that should not be paid are denied are immediately rejected.  On the other hand, however, the insurance company looks at the claims that they think should be paid and try to find something wrong with the claim – mostly minor issues that should not affect the claims process at all.standard disability claim

This is where the expertise of disability claim consultants really comes in handy.  Based on their experience working with the insurance companies, the consultants can take a look at your claim and make sure that there is nothing that will get the claim caught up in the claims processing department of your insurance company.  By having experts on your side of the disability claim, you take the power away from the insurance company, and they are forced to pay you the benefits that they promised to pay you and that you deserve.  Do not take on the insurance company alone, as it is almost inevitable they will be able to find something wrong with your disability claim.  Trust the expertise of UNUM disability claim consultants to guide you through the claims process to eventually receive your benefits.

Hiring a Disability Claim Consultant

When you make the decision to hire a disability claim consultant to help with your claim for benefits on your private individual long term disability insurance policy, you can be safe in knowing that you are now receiving help that is at least as good, if not better, than the expertise being obtained by the insurance companies who are fighting your claim. As the industry has consolidated, there are fewer and fewer companies that control a larger portion of the disability claims made today. This enables these large disability insurance corporations to spend more money and resources on claims examination departments whose main goal is to deny claims that may even be legitimate. They specialize in seizing the smallest bit of data and ignoring the overall picture of the claim. They use this data as a basis to deny the claim for benefits to many individuals that truly need and deserve their benefits.disability claim consultant

Instead of allowing insurance companies to attack your claim with the so-called expertise that they have on their side, allow disability claims consultants to help you and be on your side.  The experience that is immediately gained when hiring these consultants is not only evidenced with the ease of ability in which you can file your claim, but is ultimately notices when you receive payment for your long-term disability claim.  When hiring disability claims consultants you can be assured that your long term disability claim will have a much higher likelihood of being paid than if you apply for insurance by yourself.  These consultants are able to adjust your claims papers and the wording of your claim proposal to make sure that you receive the payment that you need and deserve. Especially in the case of long-term disability insurance when the benefits last for a very long time, it is of the utmost importance that you have disability claims consultants on your side.

The Disability Claim Help You Need

It seems illogical for someone with very little knowledge in a subject to take on a team of highly paid experts in the field.  Obviously, the team of experts would have a sizable advantage.  This, however, is exactly what insurance companies put their claimants up against when a disability claim is filed.  Your insurance company, even after promising to be there when you need it purposefully places the odds against you, thus making it highly unlikely that you will receive benefits.  This is why there is an immense need to find and hire disability claim help to aid you throughout your claim’s journey.  Instead of letting the insurance company’s employees attack your claim without any help on your side, do yourself a favor by trying to level the playing the field by getting help on your side.  Even with hiring an expert on your side, the claim process will be long and challenging.  Without finding help, though, the likelihood of having your disability claim paid decreases by a huge amount.

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It is not fair for your insurance company to expect that you will have the knowledge necessary to take on their claims processing department with regards to your disability claim.  Hiring disability claim help will show the insurance company that you are serious when it comes to receiving the benefits that you deserve.  The insurance company needs to be held to the promises that they made to you while you were paying them outrageous premiums.  Instead of bringing in record profits and not caring about customers, the insurance company needs to be held accountable in doing what they promised.  Since the beginning of the contract that you signed with the company, they promised that if you were ever to become impaired and not be able to work, they would pay benefits to replace your income.  When you file a disability claim for benefits, the insurance company turns around and does everything that they can to make sure you do not receive benefits.  Hire disability claim help to hold the insurance company accountable to the promises that they have made.